Open The Door & Create A Healthy Home & Healthy Body!

Do you have symptoms like allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivity?

At Greenlife Design, It Is Our Mission To Create Healthier Living Spaces!

You can create a holistic lifestyle that will provide long-term health benefits.

A Healthy Home Means Living Well Indoors And Out.

Nature is our best teacher: embrace the essentials of life, clean air and water.

Could Modern Day Health Exposures Be Endangering Your Family’s Health?

Greenlife Design will guide you through practical solutions to help protect your home and family.

A Home In Balance Is A Healthy Home—But What Does It Look Like?

Reclaim your family’s health with simple solutions and treatments to remediate your indoor living spaces.

Are You Living Green Or Is Your House Making You Sick?

Find out where the toxins are hidden in and around your home.

Two passions helped to create Greenlife Design

Interior Designer by trade, Maggie Poetz uses her design sense and Building Biology knowledge to incorporate healthier practices … helping you to create healthier living spaces.

  • Healthy Home & Wellness

    Life is about living & vibrant health. Your family’s health and well being can be restored with five steps.

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  • Healthy Living Space

    Greenlife Design specializing in holistic environmental consulting, and teaches you how to protect your health with Building Biology.

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  • Building Biology

    Helmut Ziehe's Building Biology calling began with an "Ah-Ha" experience.

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  • Workshop & Events

    In this 24/7 world our time is valuable, use it wisely. Join us for a time of learning and fun.

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