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Two passions helped to create Greenlife Design: health and design. As founder and owner of Greenlife Design, Maggie Poetz is a certified Green Building Professional and Interior Designer. Focusing on how to help people become healthier in their indoor environments, Maggie received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Stockton State College, New Jersey, followed by an Associate Science Degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Green and Sustainable studies include: BBEC: Building Biology & Ecology Consultant, The Institute for Bau-Biologie® and Ecology (IBE), LEED AP, USGBC United States Green Building Council.

Maggie is a professionally licensed Interior Designer in the State of Florida.

Passionate About Healthier Living Spaces:

Greenlife Design was developed after Maggie herself experienced symptoms of environmental toxin overload, awakening a need to find out what makes our homes and workplace unhealthy and people sick. As with all things in life, we adapt to what has been dealt. We either do this in a positive way or not. Choosing the positive has lead to learning more about this condition as well as education in the healthy side of building and why our homes and workplaces can make us sick. “As a result of adjustments that were made in my life, I am feeling so good now. These concepts can be applied to your home or workplace too!” says Maggie.

Greenlife Design is based in Jupiter, Florida.
Greenlife Design is available for workshops, private consultancy and Interior Design services.