Healthy Home & Wellness

Healthy Homes & Wellness

Life is about living and vibrant health. Your family’s health and well-being can be restored with five steps.
Greenlife Design challenges you to take action. How do I live a healthier lifestyle? Step #1
You are one step closer to a healthier day! As you get out of bed in the morning, please remember that life is not about rushing through each day to get everything done on our “to do list.” How do you feel today?
Air: Start your day by taking a deep breath. Pranayama breath is life. It is one of our most vital functions. Breathing is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain and control life’s vital energy. Purify indoor air from chemicals, mold spores, viruses and bacteria. Ventilate—that means open your windows!


Get out of bed and drink a full glass of water—not coffee, tea or soda—first thing in the morning. The role of water and mankind has not change from the beginning—we are dependent on it and its life-giving source of health. Step #2


Buy organic, hormone and antibiotic free meat, poultry and dairy products. Read labels, use stainless steel cookware, drink and store in glass containers. Step #3


The flat-out best exercise that you can benefit from even to a ripe old age is walking, without causing damage to the joints.

Healthy Home

Together we can clean up your home and your body. Through knowledge and understanding you can improve your family’s overall health.Step #5
Today’s homes are shut up tight and most people are unaware how this affects their health. Just look at the growing number of illnesses and allergies. Our home is our third skin!
Many doctors and holistic practitioners encourage patients to detoxify and cleanse their bodies. What about when they go back home to toxic environments? What doctors are still missing is the home environment and that doesn’t make sense.
We live in a state of dehydration that affects the overall health of our bodies. We need to drink 50% of our body weight in ounces per day. Only water is water … not mixed with something else.
Juicing your nutrition will enhance your diet and optimum health. Imagine sitting down for breakfast and eating a bowl of kale, spinach, apple, beet, peach, seed, nuts, and Inca powders? I think you would skip out in a hurry, but these delicious drinks—extracted raw—give you the minerals and vitamins of vegetables, fruits and grains.You must juice for a healthy diet and vibrant lifestyle.This boatload of nutrients would be impossible for you to eat in one meal.

Exercise Fit for a Lifetime.

When selecting an exercise routine, endurance rather than strength and speed should be considered as a valuable goal.Step #4

Other endurance enhancing exercises.

Yoga, swimming, golf, tennis, tai chi, dancing, cycling, and  aerobics. When selecting an exercise you should also evaluate the fat-burning enzymes active in long durations.
Our ancestors adapted to their daily life, sun and moon cycles, warmth and cold, rain and predators … They enjoyed something we don’t enjoy as much today: clean air, flowing water, breezes, waving fields, calling birds and abundant trees.
There is no protocol about your home being part of the healing process.

Healthy Home, Healthy Body

Cleaning material choices: natural and non-toxic, NOT tested on animals, biodegradable, NO phosphates.

Nature is our best teacher

Restoring a relationship with the outside living world means living in harmony with natural cycles and bringing our homes back to life. It is of the utmost importance to restore the vital relationship we have with nature and the living world around us.
Maggie Poetz is a Shaklee Distributor Shaklee on Oprah Video Please watch this unexpected wake up call. You can’t afford not to!