Healthy Living Space

Greenlife Design is your source for education and consulting on what it takes to have a beautiful, healthy home. DESIGN / BUILD CONSULTANT • INTERIOR DESIGNER • BAU – BIOLOGIST • LEED AP Today you can have both an extraordinary living space and healthier home. Greenlife Design specializing in holistic environmental consulting and teaches you how to protect your health with Building Biology. Your health and the well-being of your family, employees or pets may depend on the materials you use in your home or office. We’re a full-service Interior Design and Environmental Consulting studio that understands modern world health exposures and will help you create a look that isn’t just beautiful, but healthier and safer, too.


Greenlife Design consults on remodeling and construction for residential and light commercial projects. In the early stages of your construction process it is of the utmost importance to make a plan and understand how to choose healthier products. All purchases made today require awareness and understanding of any potential conditions that could cause harm to your family’s health. Greenlife Design is dedicated to creating healthier indoor environments. Consider hidden toxins like invisible EMF electro-magnetic fields and EMR electro-magnetic radiation, non-toxic material selection, indoor air quality, filtered water, pest and herbicide control. We specialize in finding and eliminating what makes people sick in their homes and workplaces, while creating aesthetically pleasing spaces that promote a sense of well-being.
Dear Greenlife Design, I would like to thank you for your tactful and thorough evaluation of our office in Delray Beach. The results of your evaluation have lead to an improved work environment and has helped to maximize our potential to improve the quality of care that we provide to our patients. -Dr. Erich E. Menge


Maggie herself experienced symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome which lead to asthma and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) is the body’s inability to handle synthetic chemicals. As an interior designer, Maggie realized that all the chemicals in our homes and workplaces could make us sick! We can help you learn more about this condition as well as educate you and your family on how to have a healthy home and work environment without making you sick.

The Rain Barrel Effect

Visualize a rain barrel; a few drops at the bottom of an empty barrel are left unnoticed. Left out in the rain long enough, the barrel fills up and one more drop will make the barrel overflow. The rain barrel is our immune system!


Our bodies can only handle so much toxic overload and spills over into disease. People don’t get disease, they develop it over time. Auto-immune disorders, allergies and asthma, chronic fatigue, cancers and many real life sensitivities such as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), EHS (Electrical Hypersensitivity). All of these conditions were not prevalent decades ago. Something must be causing so many people and pets to get sick!