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Introductory Healthy Home Breakthrough Session

  • Could one meeting change your family’s health and well-being?
  • You bet it can! Call today for a 90-minute Breakthrough session and simple steps that can help your loved ones health by lowering their chances for illness and disease.
  • What you can expect:
    • Personalized attention to your concerns
    • Awareness of potential hidden health risks to you and your family
    • How to make a sleeping sanctuary
    • Rain barrel affect and how to stop it
    • What is MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? EHS, Electro Hypersensitivity? New terms for modern day health risks!
    • Cell phones, tablets and wireless electronics – learn how to reduce your risks

Personalized Healthy Home Discovery Session

  • One-to-one Discovery session: How your home affects your health.
    • Together we will survey your home and explore hidden health hazards that can jeopardize your family’s health
    • Specializing in finding and eliminating what makes people sick in their homes, along with education and remediation
    • Hidden toxins and how to find them
    • Why filtering your air and water is so important
    • What we bring in our homes: building materials, interior furnishings, clothing, electronics, cleaners, pesticides
    • Detecting invisible electromagnetic fields and wireless frequencies and their potential health risks
    • Creating a sleeping sanctuary
    • Missing link: Doctors send you home with a prescription, but not one for a healthy home. A healthy home is so important and will aid in a healthier immune system and faster recovery time!
  • What you can expect:
    • 90-minute session on site or virtual,(2)30 minute phone sessions
    • Email support and handouts
    • A personalized, custom plan that will take you step-by-step instructions on how to make the changes needed to enjoy a healthy home
    • How to clean green—the real truth on clean

Healthy Home, Bonus Healthy Body

  • “All” of the above Healthy Home Program plus a bonus
    • Healthy body time for you!
  • Learn how to have a healthier home and lifestyle
    • Email support, a time to ask questions
    • Review your step-by-step plan and how to achieve your goal of a healthy home, healthy body
    • Referral list of qualified health conscious professionals at your service
  • Includes: Healthy body … a time to rejuvenate
    • In the privacy of your home
    • (1) 60-minute yoga class
    • Learn how to make nutritious cleansing juices and recipes
    • Promote a sense of a healthy well-being

Private Movie Screening: Documentary & Lecture

The Visionary Life of Helmut Ziehe, The Man Who Brought Bau-Biologie To America

  • Education venues
  • Green initiative organizations
  • Private clubs
  • Health professionals
  • Building professionals

Interior Design/Building Related Services:

Contact Greenlife Design For Services & Fees

  • References on request
  • Portfolio on request
  • Collaboration with clients, architects, builders and developers
  • Services based on square footage and scope of services

Environmental Organizations



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