Healthy & Safe Dream Home Or Not?


Welcome to a new approach in creating a healthy home.

Greenlife Design can help you make the right decisions when building and designing
a healthy home.
Keep in mind that family is the most important thing in the world and your home should be the safest
place for them to live.


Things you need to think about when designing your dream home.

Our homes are filled with so many new building products.
You need to be educated about what is being chosen to build your dream home.

Modern building practices show major areas of concern that more and more houses
are making people sick.
Ignorance of Fundamental Laws of Building Science, as well as the quality of
building materials, need to be addressed when building a healthy home and living space.


Are you experiencing strange symptoms and suspect a connection with your home that others just don’t understand?

Have you received a diagnosis that does not make sense? Have you been told your symptoms are
We can’t control what is outside our homes, but you can control what is inside that can cause body
burden, illness and stressors.


Sick house or healthy home “detox lifestyle guide.”

Learn to recognize things in your indoor environment that create symptoms and warning signs that your
body is under attack from over-exposure.
Do you suffer through endless doctor visits, with differing diagnoses from the medical profession, and still
have no answers?
Does stress, anxiety, or hypersensitivity send you in search of a safe haven?
Do chemicals, cell phones and computers have you running for cover?