What Mother’s Need to Know.


Eat organic food, free of GMOs. Use only environmentally friendly pesticides. Remove any
synthetic chemical fragrances and toxic cleaning products. VOCs linger in your indoor air, entering
your body and into your baby.

Communication devices such as cell phones, wireless internet connections, cordless telephones,
and baby monitors all have wireless connections that are on 24/7 in your home.
These communication devices add a lot of stressors to you and your baby.


Moms and Dads should be concerned about creating a healthy nursery.

VOCs volatile organic compounds release emissions into the air we are breathing. VOCs are found in
paint, carpeting, drapery, and bed linens. 100 % cotton does not mean organic, it has been treated with
pesticides. Buy solid wood furniture and do not use particle boards or plywood that out gas

The mattress is most important because fire retardants have been added and your baby is breathing
chemicals. Buy an organic latex mattress. With a doctor’s note you can get one without the flame
retardant chemicals and organic fabric.

Using vaporizers to excess can increase the humidity levels and start mold growth.

Eliminate all metal springs and replace them with wood slats. Young children are more vulnerable
to stressors of electromagnetic radiation because their immune system is not mature and well-developed.


Children today are exposed to a lot more chemicals than they used to be. Babies are
born today with chemicals already in their bloodstream.
Your pets and baby are crawling on the floor;  avoid cleaning your floors with toxic chemical


Avoid plastic baby bottles and toys that contain a harmful chemical known as
bisphenol A (BPA) in bottled water, baby food, and infant formula products.
BPA, when heated can leach into the newborn’s food or drink. Buy BPA-free products or use glass
containers and bottles.
Many studies show a link to bisphenol A (BPA) and our endocrine system as a hormone disrupter.